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The latest TV reviews, TV side by side comparisons, soundbar reviews, TV news, and the best tips for buying a TV that is what you can find on Tech With KG. I made this channel for people who wanted a quality out of the box TV experience. (You won't find much here on reference accuracy, as I make content based on preference elements and overall picture pop.) I pride this channel on being a welcoming community I try to encourage discussion, answer questions in comments and via live streams. Got a question I'll do my best to answer. My goal is to become a go to YouTube channel for people who enjoy tech! Channel age: First tech video upload to the channel was May 7, 2020 ----- If you are contacting me directly for business & brand marketing please use the e-mail listed on this channel If its not business related please use YouTube Comments, Instagram, or Twitter.

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First Hours w/ 43

First Hours w/ 43" Samsung QN90C Neo QLED - Ft. Classy

Tech With KG
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2023 LG OLED 4K TV Buyer's Guide | G3 C3 B3 or Older Model?

2023 LG OLED 4K TV Buyer's Guide | G3 C3 B3 or Older Model?

Tech With KG
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Samsung S95C Brightness Revealed! | 2023 QD OLED

Samsung S95C Brightness Revealed! | 2023 QD OLED

Tech With KG
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Samsung G85SB 34

Samsung G85SB 34" QD OLED Review | G8 Odyssey Monitor

Tech With KG
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