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The project was founded to help people start playing piano or keyboard

This website was created in the end of 2019 by Damir



Today if you want to play piano you need to learn music notation.

Learning music notation is too long and tedious for laymans.

This is a barrier that is difficult to overcome for a beginners

Guitarists can play music without sheets using chords and tablatures and we want to give this opportunity to pianists.

Ftab is intuitive and visibly clear method of writing tunes in table form. It allows you to start play piano in a short time

Why do a lot of people play the guitar, but not many people play the piano?

How to play piano in guitar style


Fortepiano Tablature (ftab)– an easy way of playing the piano/synthesizer (keyboard) without a need of learning music notation

Any person who wish to play his favorite songs on the piano can easily “read” the FTAB without any tutor.

To start playing piano using FTAB - that’s like to start speaking foreign language without grammatic learning.

It takes about 15 minutes for someone who’s  never played instrument to understand how to play his first tune. FTAB is simple and easy to follow so you can learn your first easy tune in a short time.

Especially the project should be suitable for those who are familiar with guitar tablature and chords.


What we want?

We need to raise money so we can focus on development  the project:

  • To make user-friendly and nice web-portal
  • To collect base of ftabs and video tutorials (more than 1000 popular tunes)
  • To create great learning challenge-based system that keeps students engaged
  • To develop PC app that convert tunes from midi to ftab
  • To solve organization and legal issues

You may support us via patreon



or via credit card

4274 3200 2632 3918



Also you can become our partner. Just write here what you can bring to the project


Success in your endeavors :)


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