Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly



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Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly LCD: 🤍amzn.to/2yWXlky Scew Driver-🤍amzn.to/2xVMlUk Opening Tool-🤍amzn.to/2yHCXTC

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Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly
Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly
Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly
Mi Redmi 4X & Redmi 4 LCD Replacement...& Disassembly
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Your Friend
2021-12-12 17:53:55

Can someone access our deleted data from our phone which has password??

Hazel Ebuenga
2021-11-17 08:09:39

Saan po niyan nakakabili?

Everything available Here
2021-11-07 11:50:58

redmi 4,4a,4x display folder are same/not..?????????

Shashikant dada Jadhav
2021-09-14 08:20:58

Display change kise kare

2020-12-28 14:26:27


Marcilene Barreto
2020-08-25 23:49:15

Qual e a referência da camera frontal desse modelo

Waqar math wala
2020-05-15 17:05:36

Greatful guid

Gunther Schadow
2020-04-17 02:03:10

Alright, thanks, that worked for me.

2020-02-27 15:48:28

Merci beaucoup pour votre tuto. C'est parfait et très précis.

Shumi Dhar
2020-01-31 16:58:26


Mohsin Hossain
2019-11-04 09:51:06

I need a mi 4x 1 pic madarboard

2019-10-11 21:22:17

ty it really helped

2019-10-05 11:37:42

Be CAREFUL when levering out the battery !!! When I did it seems I was too harsh to the battery and it EXPLODED. That was not fun. So I suggest you to do it sloooowly - the white glue tape to fix the battery is pretty strong. Use a big tool like in the video or better bigger, so you do not put too much force on a specific area of the battery (it is not made for meing bended!). Maybe try to push the white strip from below when lifting up the battery for 2 mm. When I did like in the video I heard a "Pffff" sound, 2 seconds afterwards the explosion.

haphizy ahmad
2019-09-24 01:54:13

Please dont use this annoying background music

Nándor Antal Nagy
2019-09-17 18:23:59

thank you man, it helped me a lot! :D

cornel aster
2019-08-18 18:06:19

Thanks! It worked for me! Unfortunately I broke the speaker module on top, which I only noticed when accepting my first call ... O_O

Leonardo Camargo
2019-07-24 16:37:29

Great video, thanks.

Peter Agai
2019-07-16 13:57:00

Hi! I have replaced my broken display, but for some reason the new one is totally blank, no backlight, no display. However, it reacts if I use the main buttons (vibrates when I touch them) and if I keep the left button pressed it activates the flashlight, so it apparently works, still display is blank. Any idea/hint where did it go wrong? It took some time to remove one of the ribbons so my first concern is that I may have damaged it, but I am not sure if it would cause only partly display issue or this complete darkness. Please let me know if there is anything I can do (other than checking with MI support or throwing it away:). Thanks so much.

Fs Clh
2019-06-28 16:25:06

Too many pubs

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