How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively #camscanner #scannerapp #pdf



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How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively: 🤍

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How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively #camscanner #scannerapp #pdf
How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively #camscanner #scannerapp #pdf
How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively #camscanner #scannerapp #pdf
How to improve your Chemistry grade effectively #camscanner #scannerapp #pdf
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HC Mangs
2023-09-30 18:37:02

Can scanner is from China I thought, could be like Temu? Are you able to check this? I had this app and deleted when I found out it was based from china

2023-08-17 10:09:17

Did u found or did u get sponsored🫨

Noah Pouya
2023-08-09 13:58:07

did u guys also hear tht random voice promoting it too?

Jac Collins
2023-08-03 17:22:44

Samsung again goes burrrrrrr

Ayush Sharawat
2023-08-01 18:08:52

It is Banned in my country
I was using it from 4-5 years before it is Banned
🇮🇳INDIANS in the chat

dimple joe
2023-07-21 12:18:38

I have camscanner for 3 years

Life of weirdo
2023-07-19 05:19:20

Can I have ur note

2023-07-18 20:38:42

I use adobe scan

Clara Esparza
2023-06-27 11:36:48

As someone who’s fresh out of high school and about to start college, thank you for sharing this. Do you have other apps that you use?

Layhlia Joneson
2023-06-23 12:16:19

Wow! How great but it cost 59.99 per month that’s a lot and you said to download for free it’s not.

Ss Kakar0t
2023-06-23 03:32:46

It's banned in India coz it's from china and have malware tht shit can access ur data easily 😂😂

Addison Herbert
2023-06-21 21:50:01

What's funny is androids running on newer versions have that built into the camera, you just tap a button and you can scan any document easily while being able to copy all the text as well

2023-06-20 16:05:18

Pixel owners:💀

Чоколадно Млеко Моја Кравица
2023-06-19 11:00:43

Can it recognize my hieroglyphic handwriting?

2023-06-19 02:53:36

You can do the same thing with Apple notes

Cameron Cox
2023-06-18 06:09:47

This has literally been in part of the basic camera for Android for over 5 years

ooh ooh monke
2023-06-18 04:50:09

Ur amazing keep it up

Reaperz Gamerz
2023-06-16 15:58:53

Banner in India :(

2023-06-16 11:38:19

Yeah i don’t go to school anymore😂

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