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Basic rules:

1) Positive (negative we will delete and punish the guilty )

2) Respect (rudeness we will delete and punish the guilty)

3) Educational project

Our main goal is to teach as many people as possible to play the piano / synthesizer/accordion and other similar instruments

Therefore, we will be happy to receive constructive feedback on any section of the site

We are very interested in the opinion of those who have already tried to solve the problem of learning to play the piano without knowing the notes

Attempts to advertise something will also be blocked. If you want to advertise something, it is better to write in the feedback form first

You can sell something or offer "C-to-C "services in the"Useful" section

4) Legality

We respect copyrights and will block anything that violates them

If you believe that Your rights have been violated, write about it in the feedback form

Prepare a supporting document

The same applies to other legal issues

5) age Restriction - we cannot control all content that is created by users. This is why the 18+ limit is applied to the entire site.

If you are under 18, I suggest that you study ftabs under the supervision of your parents or other people who are responsible for you

6) Personal data - the site processes personal data of registered users.

The data is uploaded by users themselves, so you can control what you want to show people

7) the materials Posted on the site are, by default, given to the project's founders for indefinite use. If you have any doubts, please write in the feedback form first

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